Veteris Conventus Cellar

Who we are

Our high-quality grapes are grown organically to produce High-End wines. We are committed to preventing environmental pollution and preserving the land’s integrity for future generations. We use traditional and modern agricultural techniques to produce the best wine.

Veteris Conventus offers four great variety of wine: Malbeck, Tannant, Tempranillo and TT,each variety displaying the very best of their conventional characteristics and each bottle having a unique quality directly attributed to the South American land that has given birth to it for well over a century.

Our Credo


THE CLIENT is the purpose of our existence. Our mission is to fully understand our client's needs and preferences

THE QUALITY of our products is the foundation of our performance. Our compromise is to implement it and improve it.

THE ENVIRONMENT is essential to our life therefore all our production processes respect and keeps its harmony. Our role in protecting the environment for generations to come is an important one

THE SOCIAL FUNCTION of our company is our contribution to our country. We consider each employee and his family as the main capital of the company. We promote full development of our employees. We work under standards of ethics, humble and moral principals.

Veteris Conventus is a young firm. We are innovators, creators in a constant research of changes and possibilities.

The Vision

Our firm has survived its founders, thinking on future investments instead of profits maximization. Our vision is focused in the institution as a goal and in the products and services offered to Our Clients.

OUR TECNOLOGY ensures the highest level of reliability in the market. We must always be at the forefront of innovation for our clients.

Our Vineyard

The grapes of Veteris Conventus are born in our ancestral state own vineyard, located in Carrodilla at the heart of the Primera Zona VitivÍncola on the base of the Andes Mountains. The combination of the location at the 33rd parallel, 940 meters above sea level and the age of our vineyards creates a grape that is truly unique. The circa 115 year old vine stocks produce perfectly cultivated grapes containing well-balanced tannins due to the many years of adaptation to the lands of Argentina

The combination of new techniques with traditional methods bears the best quality grapes that are Veteris Conventus. Man, not machine, cultivates the produce of our vineyards, just as it has been for several family generations. The earth is still turned by a horse-drawn plough and is naturally irrigated with pure water from melted snow high up on the Andes range with clusters still harvested by hand. Implementation of the defoliation technique allows the grapes to receive maximum sunlight and fresh air, yielding the perfect grape for a well-balanced wine.

The wines of Veteris Conventus are bottled using grapes exclusively from our own vineyard. A great deal of dedication and effort is spent throughout the year to produce these wines of outstanding character.

A great wine is born in a vineyard

Our Wines

The wines of Veteris Conventus are under strict surveillance throughout the maturing process – a tribute to the art of winemaking.

Maceration is rigidly controlled, the steeping taking place in French oak casks until the proper time for bottling arrives. Once corked, the vintage is then stored and monitored closely in a controlled environment, resulting in the rich wines of our long-established operation.

Our History

The legacy of Veteris Conventus begins in 1885 with the arrival in Argentina of Carlo Vittori, an immigrant from the Tuscany region in Italy.

Carlo recognized Mendoza as an ideal location to apply his experience and knowledge of the old Italian wine tradition and at the end of the 19th Century. Carlo produced his first wines at his own winery located near the railroad station operated by the Buenos Aires Pacific Line.
Umberto Vittori, Carlo’s son, inherited the legacy at the beginning of the 20th Century when Carlo sadly passed away. A graduate of enology from an Italian University, Umberto was keen to carry on his father’s great work while applying the new techniques that he’d studied and combining them with his father’s old techniches.

In 1922, Umberto acquired the land currently harvested for this noble activity of wine making and in 1946 the legacy passed down to his son Roberto and in turn, in 1981, to his descendants. Having remained in the care of the Vittori Family within its fourth generation, the mature vines of Veteris Conventus still supply the fruit that makes it possible to craft the fine wines produced today. This vineyard was implanted before 1895, due that reason was declared Cultural Patrimony by the Municipality of Luján de Cuyo because is the oldest vineyard in activity within this very important area. (Resol. 1212-2010)



Argentina is located in South America in the Southern Hemisphere, has 3,8 millions Km2 of extension. Mendoza is located on the west and middle of the country, at the feet of the Andes Mountains, becoming now a day an economic and commercial pole of development.

Due to its weather and the quality of the soil is considered today the First Area for growing up grapes in the country. Malbeck Variety in Luján de Cuyo produces a wine with a great color and a strong personality due to its perfect adaptation to the place. For this reason the area was the first DOC of the country.
A big amount of the cultivation of Maipú and Luján is allocated over the Highest Area of Mendoza River and is considered a Paradise for Viticulture. Due to perfect Agro-Ecological conditions was chosen for many wineries for producing the best Argentine’s wines. The soil made from alluvional ground with a scarcity of organic material becomes ideal to grow up grapes for high quality wines. The weather is moderate with lot of sun light, scarcity of rains and winds, not excessive humidity whiches warrants a perfect equilibrium between alcohols, sugar, acids and required polyphenols.


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